Boris Johnson favourite in London Mayoral elections

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London Mayoral ElectionsWith the London Mayoral elections drawing closer the battle between Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone has been turning nasty in recent weeks. With heated confrontations centring on tax payments, the growing animosity between two of the most iconic British politicians of their generations is set to increase ahead of the London Mayoral election on May 3rd (Boris Johnson 1/3 to be Next Mayor of London).

After Boris Johnson revealed that he paid over £500k in tax payments last year – an effective tax rate of more than 40% - Ken Livingstone eventually published some figures on his tax payments, although it would appear that he only paid around 20% tax leading to renewed criticism (Ken Livingstone 9/4 to be Next Mayor of London).

Following a record turnout of 45% in the 2008 battle between the two, the high-profile public disputes could lead to this record being under threat (7/4 Turnout between 45-49.99%). Either way, Ed Miliband and David Cameron will be watching closely as the result could be a reflection on public perceptions of their party.

Meanwhile, the French Presidential election continues to heat up ahead of the first round vote on April 22nd. Recent polls have shown Nicolas Sarkozy with a small lead in the first round of voting, just in front of the Socialist candidate, Francois Hollande (8/15 Nicolas Sarkozy to Lead after First Round).

However, he still lags behind Hollande in the head-to-head battle, although the gap is now down to 8 points from a high of 22 points in mid-2011 (4/11 Francois Hollande to be Next French President). The campaign features a clash of personalities with Sarkozy’s flash and outgoing style in complete contrast to Hollande’s bland and dour nature, but whose policies on higher taxes for the rich has attracted support from the population.

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