$1,000 Cash Welcome Bonus at StanJames.com

Register with StanJames.com Poker and deposit $30 and you'll be on your way to a $1,000 Welcome Bonus.


As soon as you deposit your first $30 your 60 day bonus period will begin. The more you play in that 60 day period the more bonus you'll earn. You'll pick up $50 for every 2,500 loyalty points that you earn and if you hit the tables hard, you could earn a $1,000 bonus.


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You'll earn 10 loyalty points for ever $1 you pay in rake or tournament fees so there's no time to lose, sign up now for StanJames.com Poker and grab that bonus!


Terms and Conditions


  1. Each new player is eligible for one deposit bonus. The maximum bonus amount is $1000.
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  3. The value of your first deposit must be at least $30 or currency equivalent in order to activate your welcome bonus.
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  5. A deposit into your Sports account and subsequent transfer of funds from Sportsbook to Poker will count as a deposit.
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  7. Should your 1st deposit fall below the $30 minumum you will have 7 days from the date of your 1st deposit to deposit the required minimum to activate your welcome bonus. In this case you will need to contact our support team to activate your bonus.
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  9. If you wish to take advatage of Welcome Bonus 2 you will need to contact our support team within 7 days of your 1st deposit. We will then remove you from Welcome 1 and include you in Welcome Bonus 2. *Unless your 1st payment in Welcome 1 has been made.
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  11. Only Loyalty (SP's) Poker Points which are earned by paying tournament fees and cash game rake will count towards the bonus requirements. Loyalty (SP's) Poker Points which have been refunded or awarded to players' as a gesture of goodwill or bonus loyalty points will not count towards the welcome bonus point requirement.
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  13. Only one welcome bonus offer per person is permitted.
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  15. This offer applies exclusively to the first account opened and will not apply to further accounts opened.
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  17. Any attempt to abuse the spirit of this promotion will result in the abuser's account being suspended. The offer is available to genuine players only, genuine players being ones that are active/ participating in games with the intention of winning pots.
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  19. The promoter reserves the right to modify, alter, discontinue or terminate this promotion at any time for any reason whatsoever without notice to players, using reasonable efforts to provide such notice in advance. They also reserve the right to decline the Welcome Bonus to any claimant, should they perceive that any rules have not been complied with.
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