Bolt Edges The Betting In 100m Final

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Bolt & BlakeArguably the most decorated event in the 2012 Olympics is the men’s 100 metre final which will surely be one of the most watched events of the whole summer. The fastest men in the planet will line-up with the intention of picking up the gold medal and for the likes of Usain Bolt and Yohann Blake a new world record may even be on the agenda (Usain Bolt 4/5 to win 100m Final).

Bolt was only 21-years old when he burst onto the scene in Beijing breaking the Olympic and World record at the time with a staggering 9.69. This type of speed had never been seen before as he demolished Asafa Powell’s previous record by almost an a hundredth of a second. He then defied belief even further exactly a year later in Berlin when he ran a time of 9.58 beating his record by a further hundredth of a second and cementing his place as arguably the greatest sprinter of all time. His relaxed attitude and the way he even seemed to slow down prior to the finish line had people questioning whether he may even be able to break the 9.5 mark which would have seemed physically impossible a decade ago.

However, Bolt has failed to break his record in the last three years and he now has another contender to deal with, with fellow countryman Yohann Blake running a time of 9.75 only two months ago and beating Bolt recently (Yohann Blake 11/8 to win 100m Final). Could Bolt be eclipsed on the biggest of stages? He has always signalled the London Olympics as the date he will break yet another world record but now the question may not be whether he can break a record but whether he can in fact topple Blake who has been looking so impressive. Blake is 22 years old and may be just about coming into his peak and he will also see these games as the chance to really get his name across to the world stage, who still see Bolt as the shining light in athletics. This could be one of the most monumental races of all time with two of the fastest sprinters ever going to head but who is your pick to come out on top?

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