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Stan and JamesStan: *Sings* Easy like Sunday moooorning…Ah I love that song!

StanStan: YES! It’s Saturday and you know what that means James! Plenty of football betting for me to get stuck into!

Stan and JamesStan: Yep, I’m all set for the weekend, can’t wait to sort out my bets for Saturday! Get in there son!

StanStan: I love a bit of Spanish football and there’s a few Copa Del Rey games on tonight – BOOM! I might even order a jug of Sangria to celebrate! Oh yeah!

StanStan: There are SO many cracking Premier League games tonight! Can I get a ‘whoop whoop’?! This is gunna be such a great Wednesday!

StanStan: BOOM! The Premier League is back in my life again! That was a rough day without it, I felt like I was missing an arm. 

StanStan: When it comes to Italy I defo know my pasta from my pizza, so I’m gunna show James how Italian football betting is done! BOOM!

StanStan: I love a bit of Sunday Premier League football!

StanStan: There has been so much Premier League drama this week I’m buzzing to see what happens in today’s matches!

Stan and JamesStan: I went on holiday to Marbella during the summer and had a sweeeeeet time.

StanStan: This week just gets better and better! First the Champions League and now the Europa League!

StanStan: There is so much Champions League action tonight – BOOM!

StanStan: Look, I’ve tried to tell him time and time again, I know what I am doing when it comes to betting and trust me to bet on Norwich in the Premier League

Stan and JamesStan: Well it’s defo been an exciting weekend in the Premier League and it’s not over yet – and neither are my bets for that

StanStan: I’m buzzing for all the Premier League action this weekend!

StanStan: BOOM! England are back in International action tonight which only means one thing... a cheeky bet or three!

Stan and JamesStan and James have got together to talk about Sweden v England match ahead of the the friendly taking place this we

JamesFootball betting? More like football flukes where Stan is concerned, if he wins its down to that and that only.

StanI got my eyes on bonus acca’s this weekend, I can see them bringing in the money for me it’s written in the stars, plus I am feeling lucky, which is usual for me prior to t

JamesStan has lost it! Everyone knows form doesn’t lie, I mean what’s this about an Everton win?