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Amir Khan vs Marcos MaidanaThere is more to boxing betting than simply picking a fighter to win.

Boxing is an explosive sport, and boxing betting can be explosive too. With the recent rise of a number of British boxing stars the buzz about the sport is easy to see. The two biggest stars in British boxing right now are David Haye and Amir Khan. Both have big fights coming up this year and is already offering full boxing betting on those and all the other upcoming major boxing matches around the world.

If you study fighters and keep up to date on all the latest boxing news or your just a casual fan then our range of boxing betting is worth a look. Keep things simple by picking a fighter to win, or get more involved and pick the method of victory or even the exact round.

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Aggresive big-hitters like David Haye can blow opponents away so you might go for an earlier round while defensive masters in the vein of Floyd Mayweather Jnr or prefere to grind opponents down for a later KO or points decison. Whichever type of fighter you place your bet on, betting on boxing definitely adds extra spice to any fight.

Boxing betting with could not be easier. We offer the most competitive prices on big fights as well as a range of alternative markets to give you the chance to cash in on your knowledge. Whether or not you want to back over or under the total number of rounds in a fight, the method of victory, or you simply fancy a straightforward win bet on your chosen fighter, we have boxing betting covered.

We also provide a free boxing betting news service, meaning you can keep well informed in the run-up to the big boxing events and bet your money wisely.

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Amir Khan

David Haye


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