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Football betting

football bettingWhether the English Premier League is your thing, or you prefer the Spanish La Liga, football betting has something for everyone. With the most competitive football betting found anywhere and In-Play Betting on all live televised football matches, you will not miss out. The English Premier League is one of the most dynamic, fast paced leagues in the World and it's easy to keep up to date on that and all other major football leagues, with our fully comprehensive and regularly updated football betting news. football betting is the best in its field, whether it's pre-event betting or In-Play Betting. Exciting football betting is available during all major competitions, such as the Europa League, the World Cup and the FA Cup, and a huge range of other football betting is also available.

Football betting doesn't finish when the English Premier League season does, no matter who you follow. football betting is available all year round from all over the world, which can only be good news for you!

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Premier League Betting

Sergio offer the best Premier League betting on all matches. Whether betting in-play is your thing, or you prefer pre-match betting, we make the season even more exciting with great odds and a variety of Premier League betting options to suit all.

Keep up to date with all that is the Premier League with Stan James Premier League betting news, including the latest odds for matches, as well as betting specials.

The English Premier League is watched by millions, all over the world, and is one of the most exciting leagues to bet on. Premier League betting is ever growing in popularity and with a huge choice to bet on, such as who will be relegated, who will have a top 10 finish, and who will be top goal scorer; this is only set to grow further. Will you bet on who will be the Top London Club? Whatever you choose ensure you get the best odds direct to you with Premier League betting.

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Champions League Betting

ronaldoThe UEFA Champions League is one of the most prestigious competitions in European Football, with the final being the most watched annual sporting event in the world. So it's easy to see why Champions League betting is also massively popular. offer a huge range of In-Play and Pre-Match Betting on all Champions League action, so you wont miss out.

The Champions League final in May always attracts a large audience and is an exciting place to be for both teams involved. It is usually when most Champions League betting takes place, with the chance to watch two great teams battle it out.

The tournament begins in mid-July with qualifying knock-out rounds and a play-off round where Champions League betting gets underway. The group stages follows, and the ten surviving teams from this round face the twenty-two seeded teams, comprising of eight groups and four teams each. The eight winners and eight runners up will enter the final knockout stage which ends with the finale in May where Champions League betting becomes even more exciting.

Last year's winners Barcelona will be itching to retain their title as current champions, and if it goes their way, will be at the forefront of Champions League betting this summer.

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Championship betting

readingChampionship betting can be just as exciting as Premier League betting and offer competitive odds for all Championship matches, including those who will be promoted or relegated at the end of the season.

With the top of the Championship determining the outlook of the Premier League, Championship betting has become more and more popular. Keep up to date with all Championship betting news and the latest odds with Stan James, as well as live football streaming of Championship matches and In-Play Betting action.

Will your Championship betting be on outright winner, or perhaps you prefer the specials such as Top 6 finish? No matter what you prefer Stan James offers a wide range of Championship betting options to suit all.

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Europa League Betting

atletico madridThe Europa League may sit in the shadows of the Champions League, but it boasts more of a variety of winners then its counterpart, which often makes Europa League betting an exciting affair. The title has been won by a total of twenty-six different clubs, eleven of whom have won it more than once.

Due to the variance of the competitions winners, and a combination of teams from all over Europe involved throughout the tournament, Europa League betting is growing in popularity. has great odds for this year's Europa League, and offer Europa League betting throughout the competition, whether you prefer round-by-round betting or betting for who you think will win. We have Europa League betting to suit you all the way to the final.

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Euro 2012 betting

englandThis will be the 14th European Championship for national football teams and promises to be a good one. Euro 2012 betting will definitely be exciting as offer a wide range of markets to choose from, including group betting and specials. These include who is to qualify from Group D, which involves the likes of England and France, and top goalscorer for the tournament.

The winner of Euro 2012 automatically gains entry into the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup hosted by Brazil, so there is definitely a lot on offer. It is also the first time that Poland or Ukraine will host Euro 2012, and although neither team are set to feature prominently, it will be an exciting summer for both nations and is most certainly set to turn the heat up for Euro 2012 betting.

The European Championships are always an exciting affair and, although current European Champions Spain head the Euro 2012 betting, some of the world's best teams are involved in the tournament to ensure Spain do not have it all their won way.

Meanwhile with England set to have a new manager and their first match in the tournament against France, it's difficult to predict how they will fair in Euro 2012 betting, and whether they will make the right kind of headlines. We guess we will just have to wait until the Euro 2012 Championship to find out!

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FA Cup betting

liverpoolThe FA Cup is an annual knockout competition, leading up to a final at Wembley Stadium in May. It is the oldest association football competition in the world, and entry is open to all teams in the English Premier League, the Football League and others which means clubs of all calibres get to compete, from large clubs in the Premier League to small teams in the lower divisions, making the competition exciting from the get go. This means FA Cup betting can be very interesting even from early on in the tournament.

FA Cup betting often comes down to involving just the bigger Premier League clubs as the competition approaches the final match in May, but the FA Cups popularity stems from the opportunities for lower league clubs to eliminate bigger teams in the tournament, making FA Cup betting thrilling and unpredictable. Stan James has no shortage of odds and betting on offer throughout the FA Cup, and with 32 matches in the third round alone, there are many chances to win.

With lower league teams relishing the opportunity to play the bigger clubs in the tournament, the competition can often have some surprise winners, which can mean surprise wins in FA Cup betting too.

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