Rugby League

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Bradford Bulls players celebrating a tryModern rugby league is a game based upon pace and power, and it is this for this precise reason that rugby league continues to grow in popularity around the world, both as a spectator sport and from a betting point of view. Rugby league betting has grown in recent years in line with the increased live televised coverage the sport has received. As a consequence, bet all live televised rugby league in play to satisfy this demand.

We now have a dedicated rugby league betting news section on our website, too, where you can keep up to date with the rugby league news that might affect the way you are going to bet.

The three major rugby league nations are Australia, New Zealand and England. Australia were among the most dominant champions in world sport until 2008 when they lost the Rugby League World Cup Final to New Zealand, having been the reigning champions since 1975. This in no small part is down to the fact that the premier rugby league competition in Australia and New Zealand, the NRL, is widely considered the strongest league in the world. Added to that the ultra-competitive State of Origin Series, contested annually by Queensland and New South Wales in Australia, is an often brutal encounter and not for the faint-hearted.

In Europe the major professional rugby league competition is known as Super League. Currently contested by 14 teams, Super League began in 1996 and was groundbreaking in that it was the first time a Northern Hemisphere rugby league competition played its matches in the summer and not during the winter. Some traditions are not so easily broken though. The Challenge Cup, a knockout tournament for British and now French rugby league clubs, is still played for every year.