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Rafael Nadal of Spain during the men's singles final at the Wimbledon 2010On the face of it tennis betting is simple. Either a player wins, or he loses. But there is more to tennis betting than straightforward win or lose. endeavour to offer odds on pretty much all aspects of a tennis match: correct score set betting, match handicap betting, and total games in a match, to name but a few markets.

Tennis is the ideal medium for in-play betting. Did you know that made their name as the pioneers of in-play betting? We take great pride in our in-playservice. On all live televised tennis matches, we offer a range of competitively-priced markets besides that of standard match winner. provide a full tennis betting news service too as part of our on-going efforts to make our customers the best served in the industry.

The most keenly contested tournaments of the tennis year are the grand slam tournaments. Starting off on the hard-court of the Australian Open in January, the players move onto the clay at the French Open in May and June before playing on the grass at Wimbledon in June and July. Finally, the grand slam year finishes with the US Open on the hard courts in August.


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